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About Covice Tax

Covice Tax Solutions LLC is a global leader in reviewing purchases, identifying transaction tax payments, developing refund claims and pursuing tax appeals to recover any overpayments of tax.  We have tax claims throughout the United States and on four continents.   If your Organization has paid any transaction or excise taxes, call Covice at 717.745.3600 right now or email us at jva@covicetax.com to see how we can help you obtain a refund of those taxes. In addition, Covice defends against audits and assessments of transaction taxes.  If your Organization is under audit or has been assessed, please contact us to see what we can do to protect and defend you.

Recovery of Transactional Tax Payments

Our team of professionals will conduct a comprehensive review of your Organization’s tax payments. While others may review select transactions for certain issues, Covice will review each transaction that tax was paid on for any refund opportunities.  Covice’s analysis is not limited to any issue or jurisdiction.

Audit Defense

Our team of professionals will be by your side throughout the audit process and beyond. Covice will provide consultation from the selection of audit samples to defending against assessments on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Our team has successfully had assessments stricken based on nexus issues, methodology and/or finding offsetting credits.

Property Evaluation

Covice offers clients full tax services, including analyzing property tax assessments. Our team has successfully had clients’ property taxes reduced based on over-assessment and exemption issues. The fluctuation in the current real estate market is an opportunity for you to increase your Organization’s bottom line.

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